Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Visit Kenya for the most amazing safari in East Africa and Africa entirely. Kenya keeps an abundance of wildlife which makes it so attractive thus driving a large number of tourists to visit it and it is ranked as one of the top or highly visited countries in Africa due to a variety of impressive things in the country including a large number of animals, birds, its annual great migration of Wildebeests and other species all which make it magnificent and they are the most attractive in Kenya. You can therefore book for a Kenya safari tour to enjoy the country’s impressiveness and you can either book for a luxury or budget safari but to those who are not all that financially stable can enjoy the impressiveness of Kenya through booking for a budget safari which takes a lower price than the luxury safari. Budget safaris are more affordable and cheaper in terms of prices and it is majorly recommendable for travelers who are not financially good yet they would also want to enjoy the brilliance and abundance of wildlife in Kenya. Below is how a traveler can book for a budget Kenya safari;

Consult the Eco Tours Kenya which is the best in planning for Kenya safaris and the agency offers both luxury and budget tours. You should find the contacts of the agency such that you can communicate to the agency’s tour guide who will guide you on what will be needed for your budget safari tour in Kenya to be put in place and run smoothly. Therefore after connecting with the agency’s guide (Moses) via emails or calling him on his number, he will then tell you the types of 4×4 vehicles which you can use for your budget safari and fortunately if you book with this agency, expect to get good vehicles which are regularly serviced to offer best services to its clients. He will therefore tell you the vehicles which will be present by that time and you pick one of your choice which you will use for your budget Kenya safari and this means that your chosen vehicle will be reserved for you till your day of arrival in Kenya such that it will be handled over as soon as you arrive in Kenya. However before giving you a vehicle, you will first need to clear all the bills for your safari.

To secure your safari with the agency, it is a best idea if you pay a deposit to the agency such that the agency also ensures that you are serious but if you don’t pay some deposit, the agency might not be so sure and it might think that you can change abruptly and don’t go for the safari or to use another agency yet it will have lost a lot of clients because of you. Therefore to confirm your safari with the agency, you have to make sure that you at least pay some deposit in order not to get inconveniences and for your safari to move on smoothly well.

You are also emphasized to book earlier with the agency because if you delay to book, you are most likely to get inconveniences because Kenya receives a big number of tourists each year which would like to get vehicles to use for their safaris. Therefore if you book earlier with the agency, the agency will do most of the needs for your safari including reserving for you an affordable and good budget accommodation in that particular destination in Kenya where your safari will take place from.

Soon after finishing your booking with the agency, you will then wait for your departure dates for going to Kenya. Direct flights to Kenya such as Kenya Air Flight can fly you direct to Kenya and on your arrival you will be picked up from the airport by professional agency’s guides. For the languages to speak with the guides, traveler should not worry because the guides can all speak good English frequently and can as well hear English thus avoiding language barriers and easing your safari.

On your arrival after clearing all your bills, you will then be given your hired 4×4 vehicle but to accept the vehicle you have the authority to first confirm whether it is in a proper condition for the safari. And after confirming its condition, you will then take its photos such that if you drive recklessly and cause harm on the vehicle, you will have to pay for the damages that you will have caused on the vehicle if at all they are serious damages. All these terms and conditions put on vehicles will be told to you even before accessing Kenya such that you have to accept them before taking the vehicle and if you find that you don’t agree with the terms and conditions, you can therefore inform the agency’s tour guide and find another solution.

Travelers should not worry about the terms and conditions put on the vehicles because they are put there just to guide the agency’s vehicles and to encourage travelers not to drive carelessly however the terms and conditions are not also so tough that you should worry of. The agency provides professional drivers who can drive you safely and prevent you from causing harms on the vehicle which may result to penalties however if you trust yourself that you can drive carefully and you have a valid driving permit, you can be given a vehicle and you drive it by your own without a driver though due to bad roads in some Kenya’s destinations, you are emphasized to hire a driver from the agency to avoid such coincidences since these drivers are so experienced and know the solutions to these bad roads in some Kenya’s Parks.


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