Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Mountain Elgon National Park

Visit Mountain Elgon National Park for Adventure Tours


Mountain Elgon National Park is situated in Bududa (Mbale) in the Eastern parts of Uganda almost 266.3 kilometers from Uganda’s capital (Kampala) and it is thus a 6 hours drive.

The Park is globally known for harboring a Mountain with the largest volcanic base/surface area (Mountain Elgon) in the world with 50km by 80km and its caldera has a diameter of 8km of which its highest peak is Wagagai.

Mountain elgon is East Africa’s fourth highest mountain with its highest peak (Wagai) being the second highest peak in Uganda with a height of 4321 meters and its crater contains 40km at the top of the mountain being surrounded by a series of rugged peaks.

Visiting Mountain Elgon National Park presents an exciting setting for extended hikes together with an interesting and unique flora and fauna.

Tourists should also expect to experience magnificent waterfalls, enormous caves, scenic peaks and gorges plus hot springs which bubble up at 48 degrees Celsius.

The best months for visiting the Park are during the drier seasons of June to August and also in December to March since the roads heading to the Park are dirt and become slippery in rainy seasons but they are okay in drier seasons.

However, even in the wetter months (rainy season) trekking is manageable and no technical climbing equipping or skills are required and all major peaks are accessible to hikers.

There are two major starting points leading to the mountain’s peaks and these include; Salsa Trail which is the most easily accessible from Mbale and is the most direct route to the peaks which passes through the Park’s largest area of bamboo forest though it is also a steep and rugged climb of over 1600m on the first day.

Pisa trail is another starting point which offers a gentle climb of which along this route you can explore a vast Podocarpus forest which is an excellent vantage point for wildlife viewing. Mountain elgon hiking takes like 4 to 5 days to descend and ascend as well thus leaving the Park with a great experience.

However to have a perfect hike, you are highly advised to hire porters from the local community who will help you in many ways such as guiding you during the hike and also carrying for you your gadget/luggage.

The porters can carry up to 18 kg of your gear plus also preparing meals, setting up/taking down your camp, and collecting your water plus other stuff.

Hikers should not be over afraid of spending much money in paying the porters because they are quite cheap and a porter can be paid like US$ 2 or US$ 3 per stage.

Besides mountain hiking, the Park consists of many other interesting activities such as spot fishing, bird watching, game viewing, mountain-biking and cultural encounters.

The Park resides a large number of small antelopes, duikers, elephants, lions, forest monkeys, black and white Colobus, red tailed monkeys, blue monkeys and over 300 bird species.

The Park consists of the Sipi falls which support the activity of sport fishing where you will find many anglers doing the activity and luckily they will be in proper position to assist you in enjoying the spot fishing activity.

Wildlife lovers in the Park will stay in the Park’s best accommodations which include; Mbale resort hotel, Sipi River lodge, Lacam lodge, Mount Elgon hotel& Spa, Masha hotel, Noah’s Ark hotels, Sipi falls resort and many more.