Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Chyulu Hills National Park

It is found in the eastern parts of Kenya and the hills’ highest peak has a height of 2188 meters. It is composed of numerous cones and hundred small flows and the Park resides one of the world’s longest lava tubes.

Though the Chyulu hills do not have a permanent but during the rainy season, rainfall on the hills feeds the Tsavo, and the Galana Rivers plus Mzima springs on the surrounding plains.

The hill resides both the Kamba and Masai people and also separates the Tsavo and Amboseli plains.

The hills reside some mammals such as black rhinos, wildebeests, East African cheetahs, Grant’s zebras, Masai giraffes, Mountain reedbucks, elands, elephants, African lions, steenbok, bush pigs, bush bucks, and cape buffaloes and among the reptiles are snakes such as rock pythons, puff adder and black mambas. Accommodations in the Park include; Ol Donyo lodge, Campi Ya Kanzi, among others.