Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Gorilla trekking safari is definitely the most popular activity in Congo which brings most of Congo’s tourists to explore the country. Democratic Republic of Congo yields many tourists who go there to visit the rare endangered mountain gorillas than any other activity in Congo’s national parks. The rare endangered mountain gorillas in Democratic Republic of Congo are only found in Virunga National Park which is situated in the eastern region of the country bordering Rwenzori Mountains in the north, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Rwenzori Mountains national park in Uganda plus Volcanoes national park in Rwanda. The Congo gorilla safari permit costs US$ 400 which is an affordable price to all gorilla trekkers who want to visit Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Though Congo is in a scarcity of tour agencies which can provide bookings to its clients, East Africa especially in Uganda and Rwanda have a variety of tour agencies which even work in Congo thus providing bookings and easing the gorilla tours in Congo’s Virunga National Park of which the best tour agency you can choose to use is the Nature Adventure Africa Safari Limited. The above tour agency will provide you with one of its good distributed vehicles to help you in transportation and accessing of Virunga national park depending on which type of vehicle you will want to use for you your tour. Vehicles which are distributed by this tour agency include V8, Land cruiser, Prado, supper custom, VX, Coaster buses and others.

Democratic Republic of Congo allows and gives chance to all tourists from various countries without specifying the tourists they allow to see its mountain gorillas. Thus, you will only need to owe a Congo tourist visa and a Congo gorilla permit such that you can get a chance of spotting these endangered primates in Congo of which these can be possible to be got easily when you consult and book with the Nature Adventure Africa Safari Limited. The Nature Adventure Africa Safari Limited will be the one to purchase a Congo gorilla permit on your behalf plus hotel reservations and picking you up from the airport.

For your gorilla trek in Virunga national park, you will get involved in other thing which are found in the Park such as hiking of Nyiragongo Volcano which is a two days hike thus being in place to view the beautiful and impressive things found at the summit of the volcano such as magma of which you will see water burning with fire as if its petrol plus many other things found there. Also expect to view various mammals in the Park which include; Okapis, Giraffes, Buffaloes, Chimpanzees, low-land gorillas, elephants and also expect to interact with the Bambuti Pygmy people. Best accommodations in the Park include Mikeno lodge, Lulimbi tented camp and Bukima tented camp. Gorilla tracking in Virunga national park mostly takes place in Bukima sector and Jomba where you will be able to see all the eight habituated gorilla families including; Humba, Mapuwa, Nyakamwe, Munyaga, Lulengo, Rugendo, Bageni and Kabirizi.

Tchegera holiday:

Tchegera is an Island found in Democratic Republic of Congo and it allows all tourists in Congo to access it for a holiday and interaction with the local citizens who live at the Island. The Island has a good accommodation called Tchegera Island tented camp for tourists to live in while at the Island. At the Island you will associate with the local people of which most of them depend on fishing as the activity that supports their standards of living. You will know the most fish species caught at the Island and also know how these people starve at the Island plus the good things they have still equipped from the Island. You will then get involved in the boat cruises and enjoy as you giving a sight to the aquatic birds.


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