Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Aberdare National Park

The Park covers the higher areas of the Aberdare mountain range of central Kenya and the Aberdare Salient to their east and the Park is located approximately 100 kilometers from Kenya’s capital city (Nairobi).

It covers an area of 766 square kilometers and it contains a wide range of landscapes, v-shaped valleys intersected by streams, rivers and waterfalls and at the low altitudes of the Park there are bamboo forests, rain forests and moorland.

The park provides a habitat for elephants, black rhinos, leopards, spotted hyenas, olive baboons, black and white Colobus monkeys, buffalos, warthogs and bushbucks among others.

Rare sightings in the Park include those of the Giant Forest hog, bongo, golden cats, Serval cats, African wild cats, water bucks, mountain reedbucks, African civet cats and the blue duikers.

Visitors can indulge in picnics, trout fishing in the rivers and camping in the moorlands. Bird viewing is also a rewarding activity with over 250 species of birds in the park including the Jackson’s Francolin, Sparrow hawks, goshawks, eagles, sunbirds and plovers.

The best nearby places/accommodations to stay in while in the Park include; Fishing lodge guesthouse, Tusk camp cottage banda, Sapper hut guest house, Out-span Golf and Country club, Treetops lodge, Aberdare country club, Serena Mountain lodge, and many others.