Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Mountain Kenya National Park

This is a very popular national park in Kenya which was basically established to protect Mountain Kenya (Africa’s second highest mountain) and the surrounding area of the Mountain together with its wildlife and also to preserve the water catchment for the surrounding area.

It covers an area of 715 square kilometers however when the forest reserve aside the Park is considered then it covers an area of 1420 square kilometers. Mountain Kenya has a height of 5199 meters thus being Kenya’s highest Mountain and the second in Africa after Mountain Kilimanjaro situated in the nearby Tanzania.

A variety of activities can be done in the Park most especially mountain hiking on Africa’s second highest mountain, game viewing where tourists can view animals such as elephants, cape buffaloes, monkeys such as the black and white Colobus plus many others.

The Park has all the three peaks of Mountain Kenya but among the three, it is only Point Lenana that can be climbed by the amateurs on a mountain climbing safari but the other two require full mountaineering skills and technical equipment. Other two peaks of the Mountain are; Batian and Nelion.

Tourists (hikers) in the Park should not worry on where to stay while enjoying the activities in the Park because there are many good accommodations such as; Serena Mountain lodge, Sweet waters tented camp, Mount Kenya safari club, Porini rhino camp, Ol Pejeta bush camp, Timau river lodge and many others.