Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Central Island National Park

The Park is located on Central Island and it is also known as Crocodile Island due to the very large population of Nile crocodiles habited at the island.

Crocodile/Central Island is a volcanic Island which is situated at Lake Turkana in Kenya and it is under the governance of Kenya Wildlife Service.

The Island consists of more than twelve craters and cones of which three of them are filled by small lakes such as; Flamingo lake, Crocodile lake and Tilapia of which they are superb breeding grounds for Flamingos, Crocodiles and Tilapias respectively.

The two largest lakes partially fill craters up to a kilometer wide and about 80 meters deep the floors of which are near sea level and the highest point on dominantly basaltic island reaches 550 meters about 190 meters above the lake surface. The E-W-trending chain of small explosion craters cut the eastern side of the island of a width of 3 kilometers.

For visitors to the Park are advised to pack enough drinking water and packed food however June and July are the most ideal months/period to visit the Island and Park because during those months temperatures are moderately cooler and in the rest months especially December to March, it is scorching hot and extremely arid.

Tourists at the Island will enjoy a lot of amazing activities such as boat rides to the Park from Kolokol gate and nature walks around the island to the highest elevation however camping at the island you will get a glimpse of the spectacular luminous waters as the moon rises/shines on the smoking craters.

The Park consists of over 350 bird species including Flamingos which are found at Lake Flamingo and the Island consists of a campsite where visitors can enjoy the beautifully haunting sight of the lake’s luminous waters wash up onto a black lava beach while the moon rises over the menacingly smoking craters.