Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Meru National Park

Meru National Park is situated 350 kilometers from Nairobi (Kenya’s capital) covering an area of 870 square kilometers and it is one of Kenya most popular national parks.

The Park boosts an abundant wildlife and beautiful scenery plus very many tourist attractions including the home of George and Joy Adamson who were conservationists in the Park and they are the ones who raised Elsa the Lioness made famous in the best-selling book and award winning movie ‘’Born free’’.

Elsa the Lioness also was buried in the Park together with part of Joy’s ashes which were scattered on her gravesite.

The Park resides a wide range of wildlife including African elephants, Grevy’s and common zebras, kudus, Oryx, Gerenuks, cheetahs, African lions, African leopards, hartebeests, reticulated giraffes, wild dogs, hippos, cape buffaloes and gazelles.

Thus out of Africa’s big five it is only the rhinos which are absent though recently lived in the Park but due to heavy poaching they are now extinct and many of them were killed last year and earlier this year (2018).

Many of elephants have also been killed in the Park though there are some resided still and the government of Kenya is fighting so hard to reduce poaching in its protected areas such as national parks, reserves and sanctuaries.

Best accommodations in the Park include; Leopard rock lodge, Offbeat Meru camp, Elsa’s Kopje, Rhino River camp, Ikweta country inn and safari camp, Murera Springs Eco lodge, and many more. During your cultural encounters you will meet the Meru people (tribe) and enjoy their culture and traditions.