Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Eco Travelers’ Guide – Responsible Wildlife, Birding, Adventures & Gorilla Tours & Travel in Africa.


Welcome to Eco Travelers’ Guide, specifically specializing in offering and tailoring Eco tours & safaris in Africa – Uganda, Rwanda, D.R.C Congo, Burundi, Kenya & Tanzania – Zanzibar.


Our Eco adventure tours offers remarkable variety of experiences, from archaeological wonders to diverse landscapes encompassing rain forest, snow-capped peaks & active volcanoes of the  Mountains.


Eco Traveler is an ecotourism, nature, wildlife conservation & cultural preservation magazine focused on encouraging people to travel more adventurously and sustainably.


Meet with the locals in areas we offer our tours in Africa. Explore and have fun discovering some amazing tourist attractions in East, Central, Southern, Western and Northern Africa. With our professional Tour Consultant we give you outstanding adventures and experiences.


Our enthusiastic knowledgeable local and international experts will help you discover, have fun and share amazing experiences of Eco tourism in Africa.


Come and see the rare mountain gorillas in D.R.C Congo, Uganda & Rwanda (Virunga National Park, Bwindi Forest National Park & Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Volcanoes National Park respectively). After the great primates enjoy the active volcano – Nyiragongo Hike Trek in Virunga National Park, and you can combine this adventure experience with the Kilimanjaro Trek in Tanzania.


Still Africa, has much more to offer and for wildlife enthusiastic in East Africa – Tanzania and Kenya are the place to visit for your safari 2018 – 19. Tanzania offers various wildlife parks but it is famously known for the Wildebeest Migration that takes places every year in Serengeti National Park and do not forget to visit the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area.


Then Kenya in the Masaai Mara National Reserve you can experience the wildebeest migration and when you are this park you can take as many unforgettable photographs and this leaves Africa the best destination for safari and tours to take all year round. From Masaai Mara visit the Amboseli National Park, Nakuru and much more.


Please for your holiday to Africa join our Eco tours such as primates, wildlife, culture, white water rafting, mount hiking, bungee jumping & sightseeing among others.


We are Eco travel experts providing information about responsible tourism to conserve wildlife for the next generation and with aim to fight against global warming, encouraging recycling, reforesting and raising awareness people to care for the environment in the world.


We work with some of the non organizations like E4P – Africa who are responsible for helping people of low-income people and away. For this reason we have created the travel agency “Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited” to help them improve their standards of living through community based tourism.


We work with very reliable tour operator in Uganda, our interest is to offer a first class, independent, affordable and flexible travel itinerary tours of  Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania & Democratic Republic of Congo tourist destinations.


We are specialists in Eco tours, gorilla & wildlife safaris, Mount hiking tours, cultural trips and sightseeing adventures, providing standard services at an affordable rate, we have developed great level of personal attention, and maintain the highest standards when designing and organizing personal travel experience.


Our guides are all experienced and possess specialist knowledge in a number of fields. They all receive periodic training designed to maintain and improve their expertise. We offer customized safari packages designed to the needs of individuals or small groups.


When you travel with one of our listed safari companies you help us fund some of our different activities to reforest and recycle and teach people to care for the environment.


You also helps us to be able to help people from low-income remote villages to provide clothing, shoes, food, books, resources, and out of all equip them with technical skills developing projects through community based tourism.


We too welcome volunteers to participate in our programs like school teaching, modern farming skills, environmental awareness and you can experience all these through home stay tourism.