Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Kibale Forest National Park

Chimpanzee Tracking Safaris, Bird Watching and Bigodi Walk


The Park is nestled in the southern parts of Uganda dominated by moist evergreen rain forest and a diverse array of landscape.

The Park is close to Queen Elizabeth national park (a medley of wonders) which is home to tree climbing lions though Kibale national park is mostly known for inhabiting many primate species including chimpanzees.

Chimpanzee tracking is the major activity done in the Park and this is the best place in Uganda and East Africa for tracking chimpanzees since they are resided there in higher amounts. For a chimpanzee trekker to go tracking in the Park he or she should possess a chimpanzee tracking permit for the Park which costs US$ 150 per individual.

Chimpanzee tracking is one of the most interesting activities though somehow tiresome but trekkers are always advised to stay patient and calm especially when tracking.

The activity starts very early in the morning at around 08:00am thus trekkers are advised to arrive in the Park earlier before the tracking hours reach in order to catch up with the morning tracking shift which is most enjoyable and it is the best time for viewing many chimpanzees in the Park.

Unlike gorilla tracking, for the tracking of chimpanzees there is no actual time for spending with the primates and chimpanzee tracking is done in groups of 6 individuals per tracking group.

However to look similar with gorilla tracking, also in chimpanzee tracking the trekkers are not encouraged to take photos using flashlight cameras and also you have to keep a certain distance while viewing the primates and instead you are not emphasized to be so close to them.

Kibale national park is one of Uganda’s top destinations for safaris due to its inhabitants which include; chimpanzees, L’Hoest’s monkeys, Vervet monkeys, red Colobus monkeys, Uganda Mangabey, black and white Colobus, blue monkeys, and many other primates (it is home to 13 primate species). Besides primates, the Park is also home to other wildlife species which include; buffaloes, bush pigs, Sitatunga, Mongooses, Otters, golden cats, forest elephants, Servals, Leopards, bush bucks, hippos, warthogs just to mention but a few.

Over 375 bird species are resided in the Park including; western tinker birds, African grey parrots and many more thus a Park being a suitable one for birding activities too.

If you are a butterfly enthusiast you will also love this Park more because it boosts approximately 250 species of Butterflies and if you are really on the lookout for the unusual you will spot a few reptiles and amphibians along the trail all which makes the Park a most appealing place for you to explore. The Park also consists of Crater Lakes where you can hike, fish and swim in some.

Accommodations in the Park include; Ndali lodge, Primate lodge, Crater safari lodge, Kyaninga lodge, Papaya lake lodge, Chimpanzee forest guesthouse, Kibale forest camp and many more.