Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Visit Mountain Rwenzori National Park for the amazing Peaks


The Park is located within ‘’Mountains of the moon’’ as Mountain Rwenzori is called and the Park is also referred to as ‘’ The Mystical challenge’’.

Geographically it lies in the South-east of Uganda on the western African rift valley bordering D. R. Congo’s Virunga national park and it is situated in three districts which include Bundibugyo, Kabalore, and Kasese covering 996 square kilometers in size.

The Park contains three Africa’s highest peaks ranging from the third one which is Magherita with a height of 5,109 meters.

Others peaks in the Park include Mount Speke and Mount Baker being Africa’s fourth and fifth peaks respectively and hikers to those peaks will enjoy the peaks’ snow capped ice.

Hiking of Mountain Rwenzori takes like ten days of ascending and descending. The Park is among the world’s most beautiful mountain areas and it is composed of a variety of attractive features such as glaciers, waterfalls, lakes, snowfields, and hot springs.

The Park is home to over 217 species of birds of which 18 of these are restricted range species of Albertine endemics and this number is only second to Bwindi impenetrable forest which has 24 restricted range species of birds.

Wildlife residents in the Park include; elephants, chimpanzees, L’Hoest’s monkeys, black and white Colobus, duikers, buffaloes, giant forest hogs, and leopards though rarely viewed.

Hikers and wildlife lovers who visits this Park usually stay in the Park’s best accommodations which include; Equator Snow lodge, Ihamba safari lodge, Ruboni community camp, Mihunga safari lodge, Rwenzori backpackers, Tours holiday inn among others.