Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Rwanda Travel Guide, Visit Rwanda For Gorilla Trek, Primate & Wildlife Safaris


Rwanda is found in the Eastern parts of Africa currently under the governance of President Paul Kagame. The country’s neighbors are; Democratic Republic of Congo which is found in Central Africa, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and Rwanda of which all these are in the same African region with Rwanda (East Africa).

Rwanda is one of the countries whose tourism sector is growing vigorously due to its favorable government policy of advertising the country’s attractive places such as national parks and reserves, memorial sites like the genocide sites, museums, water bodies like (lakes, swamps, rivers, springs, waterfalls and dams), mountains, city tours and many others.

Earlier this year (2018) in late May, the country pulled out over 30 US million dollars to join forces with an England premier league team (Arsenal) to apply  a ‘’ Visit Rwanda’’ on the players’ shirt sleeves as a marketing tag to the country’s tourist destinations.

Some people interpreted this in their own understanding though the President made it clear that he has thought of this as a way of marketing Rwanda’s tourism sector in order to help the country develop since it is one of the poorest countries and it is currently ranked as the 19th poorest country in the whole world.

Since Arsenal is a top club in the whole world and one of the most popular ones due to its huge fun base all over the world, Rwandan tourism sector is most likely to develop more than the recent years and currently the Arsenal players have a ‘’Visit Rwanda’’ tag on their jersey sleeves displayed in each competition a club is involved in such as England premier league, UEFA Europa league, Carabao cup and FA Cup.

Since the country invested in much money to market its tourism with Arsenal, the prices for Rwanda gorilla permit which recently was costing US$ 750 increased to US$ 1500 per gorilla permit.