Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Uganda being blessed with a number of national park and tourism destinations located in the different regions has made her one of the greatest countries in Africa that inspire and attracts many visitors, I cant imagine missing traveling with 4×4 Car Hire Uganda for our great travel safaris. This gave me a nice and a memorable holiday in Uganda’s,. Some of my colleagues wanted an air trip holiday but it was too expensive for some of us and yet we couldn’t have enough and a satisfactory holiday to the two parks we were to visit. The parks we were visit included mountain Elgon and Kidepo Valley National Park.

In Kidepo Valley National Park, we were to do a game drive and at mountain Elgon we were to do mountain biking since we were too old enough to climb the mountain. What surprised me was that all my friends called for camping which we all seconded, they felt going wild for a once. Our first challenge was acquiring a visa but all other thing were sorted, since had no camping equipments, we had to pay all the money to Moses who arranged our holiday including all the car charges.

The day we arrived in Uganda, we were welcomed by Moses at the airport and in the evening we were taken to Hotel Africana for an overnight and the following day, we traveled to the eastern Uganda but before proceeding, we had an en-route shopping at Shoprite Lugogo. We bought all the things we were to use including food and drinks, we packed our commodities and the time reached Jinja a town which is known for its source of the Nile.

We crossed the bridge which gave us an opportunity to watch the Owen falls which is a power generation dam constructed adjacent to bridge. We spent here some time but in the afternoon our driver took us to after taking our lunch at Crane Hotel to Mbale and here we went straight to the park headquarters for clearance and even to show us where we had to camp from. We camped near the headquarter but we were assured of security.

Since we had carried our food and all other utilities, we cooked our supper using our gas cooker and after wards we slept on our sleeping bags. The following day in the morning we took our tea and also showered. Before coming to the park we were advised to come with our bikes since there is little hopes of getting bike rentals here near the park. We made sure that we serviced our bikes before and acquired all the gears before the journey.

Mountain bikes share similarities with other bikes, but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrains, and what we observed was that this sport activity requires endurance, core strength and balance, bike handling skills, and self-reliance. Since I was an advanced riders, I pursued both steep technical descents and high incline climbs. For activities of free riding down hilling can be done on request.

These trails led us to Sipi falls as we went through banana plantations of the local people and also encountered the Bamasaba along the way who were so welcoming and hospitable as they took us through a number of great historical achievements and stories pertaining circumcision rituals. This was a great biking experience we had in Uganda and it took us 5hours, we came back for lunch but it got ready a bit late.

In the evening we enjoyed our jazzing time with our driver but indeed road trips are the best since we traveled while discovering other features while on the way. We camped for the second time at the park but the next day early in the morning, we packed all our equipments and we proceeded to Kidepo Valley National Park in the north eastern corner of Uganda being shared with South Sudan. This took us about a full day.

We reached Apoka in the centre of the park where we had to camp, the management showed us the area and we raised our tents before evening. This was great but we were too hungry to proceed for other activities, we cooked our food which we even ate on supper. Since the temperatures are too high this side, we had carried enough drinking water. The next day early in the morning we went for a game drive which gave us a chance to watch and take photos of the large flocks of elephants, warthogs, spotted hyena, the greater and lesser kudu, Chandlers mountain reed buck, leopards, lions, Burch ell’s Giraffe, Cercal, Klipspringer and cheetah but all in all we couldn’t miss visiting the hot springs on the south Sudan border just beyond the river crossing.

Birds that we watched here included, the d life, some of the birds species include; the Kori bustard, Abyssinian ground horn bill, secretary bird, ostrich, carmine, yellow-billed and Jackson’s horn bills. This was good for us because we got even a chance to capture photos. At around 3pm we took our lunch since we had carried the packed one and in the evening we went back to the camping ground for an overnight and resting.

The next day we arranged our materials and we traveled back to Kampala which took us almost a full day and this couldn’t enable us to go back to our home country but instead we slept at Hotel Africana where we were picked the following to Entebbe airport for departure, this was un believable due to the extreme services that were rendered to us by Nature Adventure and for our best, road trip provided us a wide range of discovery opportunities and it was the best.


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