Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Affordable Cost to Hire A Car in Uganda

Hiring a car in Uganda is ‘as easy as pie’ especially when you book with one of the premier car rental companies in Uganda like 4×4 car hire Uganda, and others. Since you have gone to a new country, by names of Uganda, it is very possible and understandable that you don’t know the rates of hiring a car in Uganda. However, below in this article is a guideline on the rates of hiring a car in Uganda and what is required:

How much will you pay for a specific car of your choice in Uganda?

In Uganda, the mostly used fleets in car hire include; Rav4s, Super Customs, Safari Vans, Coaster Buses, and Land Cruisers – TX, TZ, GX, V8, and VX. The price for any of these fleets (cars) vary from its size, and the various things that you may want to be included in the fleets such as; GPS, rooftop tents, and driver-guides, among other things, as these may require extra charge to be added to the actual price of the car.

However, as already said, the cost of a particular car varies from its size – meaning that a Rav4 will not cost the same as a Land Cruiser and so as a Super Custom or even a Safari Van. Fleets have different actual prices but expect to get a car for as low as US$ 45 up to as high as US$ 200 per day depending on which one you are to take.

The other factors which may affect the prices of car hire in Uganda include the period of time you are to spend with that specific car of your choice – clients who hire a car for many days, like over 20 days, are normally given discounts on the car rates.

Means of payment in car hire

There are various means of payment methods in car hire in Uganda, hence making it easy to pay the way you prefer for a car rental. The most convenient and easiest mean of payment for your car hire in Uganda is via credit cards, though you can also pay via master cards and visa cards.

Travelers will be asked to pay at least a 10% deposit to the rental company for confirmation, and this is to prevent and avoid double and multiple bookings by the clients. What do I mean by double and multiple bookings by clients? The answer is that; some clients have a tendency of booking with different rental companies and on the last minute some companies end up being disappointed when the client cancels his/her trip with them yet they would have wasted their time on you and also rejected other businesses from other clients because of you.

Therefore, for that case you will have to pay the 10% deposit such that the rental company is sure of your booking with them. You will actually finish/clear your bills on your arrival in Uganda and when the car is ready there to be handed over to you – here the most convenient means of payment is by cash but you can still pay via the credit cards.

Lastly, the requirements for you to be hired a car in Uganda include; a valid driving permit (issued at least 12 months behind), you should be above 18 years old, your passport, and you should also pay the 10% deposit.


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