Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Marsabit National Park

The Park is situated 560 kilometers away from the capital city of Kenya (Nairobi) at Mountain Marsabit in Northern Kenya close to the town of Marsabit.

The Park is famously known for its huge population of zebras and a sanctuary of various bird species however it also consists of various extinct volcanic craters which are protected in forests.

Notable residents in the Park are; zebras, cape buffaloes, bushbucks, leopards, Sunis, Caracals, Olive baboons, Stripped hyenas, gazelles, and monkeys such as the blue monkeys, Vervet monkeys, and black and white Colobus.

Besides wildlife, the Park is still a habitant to over 350 bird species including; Peregrine falcons, Mountain buzzards, Ruppell’s griffon vultures, African fish eagles, black kites and many more.

Accommodations in the Park include; Jirime hotel and resort, Nomads Trail hotel, among others.