Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Lomami National Park

The Park is situated within the middle basin of Lomami River straddling the provinces of Maniema and Tshopo with a slight overlap into the forests of Tshuapa and Lualaba river basins.

The Park was formally declared recently two years back (07th July 2016) covering a total surface area of 8,879 square kilometers of tropical lowland rainforests with savanna islands in the south and hills in the west.

The Park consists of three Rivers which are; Lomami, Lualaba and Tshuaba rivers plus many wildlife species including Congo’s great ape called bonobo, Okapis, forest giraffes, Peacock, Lesula monkeys, forest elephants, and rare Dryas monkeys which are locally known as Inoko.

However the Park is popularly known for its ape and monkey species which include; bonobo, Lomami red Colobus, Tshuapa red Colobus, Sclater’s Angola Colobus, Northern black mangabey, Katanga red-tailed monkey, Yellow-nosed red-tailed monkey, Dryas monkeys, Congo basin Wolf’s monkeys, Lesula monkeys, De Brazzas monkeys, and Lomami river blue monkeys.

Tourists in the Park will enjoy their cultural encounters because there are various ethnic groups of people who live near the Park including; Mbole, Arabise, Lengola, Langa and Tetela plus the Ngengele whose lives rely on fishing, agriculture, and hunting thus on the other side being a major threat to the Park.