Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Nairobi National Park

This is the oldest national park in Kenya and it is situated only 7 kilometers from the centre of Kenya’s capital city (Nairobi).

The Park has a diverse range of habitants and species and it is situated at a place covering a total area of 117.21 Square Kilometers. There is an electric fencing all over the Park to separate its wildlife life from the people living in Nairobi and to ensure safety of the Park’s wildlife from poachers and other predators.

Special in the Park is that it is the only natural safari park that has a city landscape background that can be seen from almost any part of the Park including sights to the city’s skyscrapers.

The Park resides a variety of wildlife species and bird species though the concentration of wildlife in the Park is greatest in the dry season when areas outside the Park have dried up thus lacking fresh pastures.

The Park has a high diversity of bird species with up to 500 migratory and permanent bird species. The Park is one of Kenya’s most successful sanctuaries for the rhinos and thus visitor in the Park will be in a proper position of viewing the black rhinos however other species in the Park include; gazelles, zebras, cape buffaloes, African lions, cheetahs, Coke’s hartebeests, African leopards, impalas, Masai giraffes, Waterbucks, baboons, elands, hyenas and wildebeests.

Ostriches and Vultures are some of the best bird species notable in the park of which a tourist will enjoy to see during his or her birding activity.

The small dams constructed along the Mbagathi River in the Park provide the Park with more water than the outside areas thus attracting many water dependant herbivores especially during the dry seasons.

There are a variety of accommodations with in the Park offering best services to the annual visitors of the Park of which they include; Ole-Sereni hotel, Dafam hotel, Panari hotel, Boma hotel, Masai guesthouse, Cat house and more.