Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Mukura Forest Reserve

Mukura Forest Reserve is a protected reserve in the northwestern parts of Rwanda covering about 1,200 km². The Reserve is found in western Rwanda’s Albertine Rift region which lies in the Congo-Nile crest.

Though the reserve was once part of a swath of mountain forest that extended all the way from Nyungwe to the Volcanoes Park, it is now an isolated chunk of forest which was designated as a reserve in 1951 originally covering an area of 30,000 hectares.

However, currently nearly half of the total forest cover and biodiversity has been lost leaving the forest with an area of only 16,000 hectares.

A host of factors have led to this decline, including a population density of nearly 600 people per km² and a mean local household income of $3/month, the latter causing inhabitants to exploit the forest for financial solvency.

The annual temperature of Mukura Forest is 15° C. The forest rises to an average height of 2600 meters above sea level and it receives an annual rainfall of 1.5 m.