Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Arabuko Sokoke National Park

This is just a small portion of Arabuko Sokoke forest reserve situated 110 kilometers from the town of Mombasa, (which is known for residing most of Kenya’s sand beaches).

The Park is situated at the northwestern edge of the forest of which the forest is managed by Kenya Forest Service, Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Forest Research Institute and National Museums of Kenya and it is one of the best protected forests in the country.

The forest is also the largest fragment of coastal forests left in East Africa covering an area of 420 square kilometers.

Tourists in Arabuko Sokoke national park can take forest drives to the wilderness and view a lot of wildlife such as; African elephants, Cape buffalos, yellow baboon, bush baby, Adder’s duikers, golden rumped elephant shrew, African Civets, mongooses, water bucks, bush bucks, Sykes monkey, caracals and blotched Genets plus many notable reptiles such as; forest cobras, boom slangs, rock pythons, and many more.

There are over 200 bird species in the Park such as; Amani sunbird, Fischer’s turaco, sokoke pipit, golden woodpecker, Clarke’s weaver, sokoke scops owl, snake eagle, hawk eagle, African crowned eagle, plain backed sunbird, east coast akalat, African pitta, scaly babbler.

The park has got a number of walking trails where tourists can explore and come into close contact with the wild form on foot and it is also a best place to enjoy a day trip at the forest and relax at one of the picnic sites with a packed lunch and enjoy the costal breeze of east Africa. Accommodations in the Park include; Kitsapu cottages, Jamii villas, and many others.

Tourists who are wishing to visit the Park are emphasized not to forget the following on their packing list such as; closed shoes, sun glasses, binoculars and all other requirements and tickets can be got from 6pm to 6am.

The park can be visited throughout the year and it is advisable to go for a game drive early morning or late noon as the wildlife might hide from the afternoon heat.