Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Mangroves National Park

This is the country’s only marine Park and it is notable for its mangroves forest giving protection to the endangered manatee population situated at the mouth of the Congo River.

The Mangroves of this Park is so different from that in Asia of which they form a separate type mangrove forests which are typical to the Democratic Republic of Congo covering a total area of 768 square kilometers thus being the country’s smallest protected area.

Besides the endangered Manatees the Park is also a habitant to Nile crocodiles, southern reedbucks, hippos, snakes and bushbucks.

The mangrove is among the most fascinating and beneficial to humanity most often found growing in the sea waters of tropical and sub-tropical coastal areas, this hardy tree acts as a natural windbreak, protecting against tidal surges and purifying the surrounding water.

It is also highly effective in scrubbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere thus contributing to the fight against global warming and it’s interesting to note that the older the tree, the more efficient it is at carbon sequestration.

Mangroves also provide a safe sheltered home for hundreds of bird and marine species including greater flamingos, Mottled-crab, western reef herons, Grey mangrove and others.