Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Jinja town

Jinja is a town found in the Eastern parts of Uganda which is almost a two hours and thirty minutes drive from Kampala and approximately 80km.

The town is one of the most attractive in Uganda and among the most visited ones in the Country because there are very many interesting activities done in the town most especially at the Nile (River Nile) including; bungee jumping, canoeing, boat trips, white water rafting at the Owen falls dam, swimming and many others.

The town is the second most economical after Kampala and the most industrialized town in Uganda thus visitors to the town will get a lot to see and learn. Visitors to Jinja will also interact with the local people there and the most dominant are the ‘’Basoga’’ who speak Lusoga but due to modernity, they can also speak good English.

Bungee Jumping in Jinja;

The activity is one of those which really offer a lot of fun but visitors are not emphasized to do this activity on their own for they can get a lot of injuries especially those who have never done it before.

There are many experienced experts in Jinja who will help you do this activity perfectly and ensures that you enjoy it to the fullest without getting inconveniences.

For those planning to do bungee jumping on their own without a guide are emphasized to ensure that they are really experts who have done it for many times and you have a savvy about it otherwise visitors are always advised to be accompanied by expert guides.

The activity is not so difficult that it requires much brains but it instead needs a love for your life plus common sense such that you have it fantastic.

Before flying to Uganda for the bungee jumping, you need to first seek advice from your tour agency whether there is training for those who could wish to do the activity by themselves and also talk about the techniques and the equipment’s to use however you are reminded that to jump you need someone to assist you such that the activity becomes so easier for you.

Before going for the activity you need to confirm that your equipment’s are well functional and properly assembled however you can also ask your colleagues to check it too such that if something appears worn, you have to ensure that it is replaced.

After ensuring that everything is set, you will then toss yourself as far as you can however it is scary for the first timers but you will then find it so simple and joyous.The activity costs US$ 125 for one jumping per person.

White water rafting;

The activity takes place at the Owen falls dam in Jinja of which it can be arranged in a day, over night or even multi day excursions depending on your desires. The raft explodes through huge walls of white water and drifts through warm pools in the equatorial sunshine. The activity is so easy to prepare and tourists do not even need to have any experience about water rafting since there are experienced guides who will instruct and guide the tourists on all aspects of safety and to attain an enjoyful rafting of a lifetime experience.

The activity has 100% safety records thus tourists will enjoy the rafting knowing that they are in the safest hands. The activity costs a tariff of US$ 145 per person for one day but if you don’t have enough time, you can pay US$ 125 for a half day though the best and most exciting rafting trip in the world is that of two days which costs US$ 290.