Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Entebbe Botanical Gardens

The gardens are situated 34 kilometers from Kampala (Uganda’s capital) and lie on the shores of the World’s second largest freshwater lake and Africa’s largest (Lake Victoria) consisting of a brilliant and beautiful landscape.

For the tourists who come from abroad, they can first visit the gardens since they are located close to the Uganda’s airport (Entebbe international airport) consisting of various Ugandan bird species such as Verreaux’s eagle owls.

The gardens entrance fee is US$ 0.20 per individual. The gardens also harbor a variety of open woodland species hence visitors can spend much time there

The gardens inhabit a large number of residents including; Vervet monkeys and bird species including Orange weavers, Woodland Kingfisher, Black and White casqued hornbill, Ross’s turacos, African open-billed stork, black-headed herons, African fish eagle, Black Crake, Grey capped warbler, Blue-cheeked Bee eater, Hooded Vultures, and many others.