Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park

The beauty of the Park can be enjoyed in one day since it is too close to Kenya’s capital city (Nairobi) for it is situated only 65 kilometers away from Nairobi.

The Park offers views to the two highest mountain s in Africa which are Mountain Kilimanjaro (highest) and Mountain Kenya (Second highest) found in Tanzania and Kenya respectively thus the Park being so spectacular.

The Park also provides excellent and clear views of Nairobi and other lowland areas however the Park is basically for visitors who want hiking (hikers) and for individuals who want some freedom and exercise.

However for the wildlife lovers will also view a variety of bird and wildlife species such as; cape buffaloes which are the most dominant in the Park. Other wildlife in the Park include; Olive baboons, impalas, duikers, bushbucks, Colobus monkeys, among others.

Visitors to the Park will stay in the well facilitated accommodations around and within the Park which include; Sabuk guesthouse of which from there you will have clear views of Athi River, McMillan grave, and the Fourteen falls. Other accommodations include; fourteen falls lodge, Malazi Thika, Eton hotel, The Coconut Grill, Job-camp house, among others.